About Me

Tonja Grung | Taxidermist 

I am a taxidermist living in London, Born on the East Coast of South African in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Growing up, I spent a lot my time discovering and collecting specimens, always finding new ways to use & preserve them. Growing up in such a beautiful, exotic country, I spent most of my time outdoors and exploring the wildlife, where I loved to observe and draw what was around me.

I continued my art studies at Falmouth University; I then moved my focus onto rural science, art &design, furniture and structural welding which gave me the solid foundation for what I wanted to do in my career. I moved to London and started teaching art therapy classes. In 2008 I decided to concentrate on my passion: Taxidermy. 

I am now a full time, professional taxidermist with over twelve years experience and have my own studio based in North London. I work on a wide variety of animals, ranging from reptiles, birds and mammals. I work on many types of projects including commissions, collaborations, private & commercial collections for education, museums and the film industry. 

Additionally I have been running classes teaching the art of taxidermy for the past five years, using traditional and modern techniques, in association with last Tuesday society.

 All the animals and insects, I work with are ethically sourced. I would never use anything intentionally killed for the purpose of taxidermy. I take pride in each piece I create. Treating each animal with greatest respect, care and compassion.